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In order to secure your certificate of completion for the Leadership module it is expected that students complete the sub-module on Core Components and Multimodal Strategies. This sub-module provides an essential foundation for developing as an IPC leader.

WHO Core Components & Multimodal Strategies

In this introductory module you will learn the essential components of effective Infection Prevention and Control programmes at the national and facility level, according to the scientific evidence and WHO’s and international experts’ advice. Using the WHO Core Components as a roadmap, you will see how effective IPC programmes can prevent harm from health care-associated infections (HAI) and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) at the point of care. This module will introduce you to the multimodal strategy for IPC implementation, and define how this strategy works to create systemic and cultural changes that improve IPC practices. This foundational knowledge will guide you in effective development, and implementation of IPC programmes and IPC education in your facility.